The Burghley House in England sent an exquisite exhibit of art pieces to the United States. It was shown at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Here are the main screens created to introduce this important exhibit.


What they call a house most of us would call a castle. You can see it in the background of this main navigational screen. There are four categories covered;The House, The Family, The Collection, and The Museum.
This was a fun interface; it is a map of one floor of the great house. When you click on a colored room you're taken to a main page for that room. This may include a movie clip, and hidden clues to find as you move the mouse over the page.
We highlighted six prominent member of the Burghley family. When you move the mouse over each portrait a personal screen would appear with more information about that individual.
Inside the Collection navigational page there are five main categories of art pieces; Paintings, Furniture, Sculptures, and Ceramics. Pointing to one of the categories will start an interactive slide show that allows you to view all the items in that category. Choose any item when it appears in the slide show and the show pauses to give you details about that item.

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